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Why The Intercooler Will Be Installed In Different Locations?
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

The intercooler is a green sprinkler engine supercharger for cooling air components, its location is more diverse, roughly divided into three categories:

1. Front: This equipment is mostly designed for high-pressure engine design, the purpose is to use high-speed traffic in the high air flow for the intercooler compressed air cooling, improve the oxygen content of compressed air, and the specific location Is the rear end of the bumper, radiator front end.

2. Side: This type of equipment is mostly designed for low boost voltage engine design, because after a low boost voltage turbocharged compressed air temperature is higher, the boost turbine is low, do not need a large intercooler for its So that the space occupied by the engine room can be more effectively reduced.

3. Top: This is the usual installation position for rally racing, in order to avoid the high speed of racing in the weeds of the wilderness area of the intercooler was flying stones, branches and other wear to produce more trouble. This type of engine cover is generally equipped with air inlet.

Intercooler as an important part of the engine, is our owner is not a strange part.

The main purpose of the intercooler is to allow the air passing through the supercharger to first enter the cooling system, thereby maintaining the air entering the cylinder to maintain a stable temperature and pressure.

Intercooler blockage often leads to the following car sickness situation occurs:

Supercharger channeling oil, air filter failure, intake pipe burst and so on

Through practice found that the main reason is because the intercooler block the reasons, and why the intercooler will be blocked?

Some of the questions about the intercooler are summarized as follows:

First, the cause of the interruption of the intercooler is because: the use of poor air filter, turbocharger inlet end of the pipeline rupture, loose loose claws and other conditions;

Second, the intercooler is able to carry out cleaning?

If it is because of the mild pollution of oil or dust, you can use gasoline to dissolve, and then rinse dry;

If there is a large area of clogging due to poor quality filter or pipe rupture, there is no repair value

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