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Why Do You Need An Intercooler?
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

The intercooler is generally only visible when a turbocharged car is installed. Because the intercooler is actually a turbocharged kit, its role is to improve the engine ventilation efficiency. For the supercharged engine, the intercooler is an important component of the booster system. Both the supercharged engine and the turbocharged engine require the installation of an intercooler between the supercharger and the engine intake manifold. Since the radiator is located between the engine and the supercharger, it is also known as intermediate cooling Device, referred to as intercooler. The

Why do you need an intercooler?

Why is the turbocharged engine more powerful than the average engine, one of the reasons is that the efficiency of its ventilation than the average natural intake of the engine higher. When the air into the turbocharged its temperature will rise significantly, the density becomes low, and the intercooler is to play the role of cooling air, high temperature air through the intercooler cooling, and then into the engine. If the lack of intercooler and let the pressurized high-temperature air directly into the engine, the air temperature is too high lead to damage to the engine or even dead fire phenomenon.

Since the temperature of the exhaust gas discharged from the engine is very high, the heat transfer through the supercharger will increase the intake air temperature. Moreover, the density of the air in the process of being compressed will increase, which will inevitably lead to increased air temperature, thus affecting the engine's inflation efficiency. If you want to further improve the filling efficiency, it is necessary to reduce the intake air temperature. Data show that in the same air-fuel ratio conditions, the temperature of the pressurized air for each drop 10 ℃, the engine power can be increased by 3% to 5%.

If the uncharged charge air into the combustion chamber, in addition to the engine will affect the efficiency of the charge, it is easy to cause the engine combustion temperature is too high, causing knock and other failures, and will increase the engine exhaust NOx content, causing air Pollution. In order to solve the adverse effects caused by the elevated air temperature after pressurization, it is necessary to install an intercooler to reduce the intake air temperature.

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