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What Is The Aluminum Radiator?
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Radiator aluminum is also known as radiator aluminum or sunflower aluminum, aluminum radiator with beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation, energy saving effect.

Foshan Yangjia Xin Aluminum Co., Ltd. with the accumulation of technical experience and production technology, set with good thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy profiles and other functions developed to meet customer differentiation and professional and personalized custom aluminum radiator The

Processing of aluminum radiator surface anodized surface treatment to improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum, wear resistance and beautiful appearance.

Currently used heat sink aluminum type: electronics, electrical appliances, computer radiator aluminum sunflower aluminum radiator, radiator power supply semiconductor configuration file and so on.

Aluminum fins are widely used in: mechanical, automotive, electrical, engineering, air compressors, home appliances, railway rolling stock and other industries due to their superior performance.

Aluminum fins Advantages:

Aluminum heat sinks are made of high pressure and tensile aluminum alloy cast aluminum. Its main advantages are:

① aluminum radiator for better cooling, energy saving function is aluminum in the same room, if the same specifications, the number of radiators less than steel cast.

Second, the oxidation resistance, corrosion-resistant aluminum radiator, do not add any additives, the principle is the base when the film is formed with oxygen in the air, note that this layer is tough and tight, to prevent further corrosion of the base material The

Choose the best choice for aluminum radiator, high pressure cast aluminum module combined with radiator. The radiator is die-cast as a whole, so there is no seam leakage problem. Its biggest advantage is not limited by the community heating system, even in the open boiler system products can also not through the use of oxygen corrosion module design, after the joint heating season Hou, if found that the indoor temperature is not enough, can also be in the first Two years to increase the load, and two pieces to meet their needs and not like a steel radiator need to heat the whole group will be replaced.

In addition, the quality of the cooling water requires different steel, so you should avoid installing the aluminum radiator with aluminum fins mixed with other materials.

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