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Types And Use Of Electric Heater
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

The electric heater can effectively control the temperature of the water in the aquarium, directly to the water body temperature, and with a temperature control function of the heater can make the water temperature stable within 2 degrees Celsius fluctuation. This creates a suitable environment for tropical fish to provide a guarantee for the growth of tropical fish. Aquarium thermostat is very important, if the temperature difference is too large, frequent changes, will make water and fish sick. Excessive temperature will make the plants die, and severe warming and cooling will make fish cold. Most of the current sale of the market is a constant temperature heater, which solves the temperature controllability, so that the temperature in a small range up and down floating.

Types of electric heater

1, resistance wire heater. Its structure is generally the resistance wire wrapped in high temperature ceramic tube, and then placed in heat-resistant, waterproof glass or stainless steel tube, the wire connected with the power supply. This heater is generally a rod-like, so are called "heating bar", the size of the power from the smallest 30 watts to several hundred watts range.

2, outside the box heater. Such a variety of heater, generally through other cooling equipment for the aquarium to heat, the bottom of the tank or the bottom of the tank can be heated. Can be designed according to the specific environment, and sometimes may play a role in one fell swoop.

Precautions for using the heater

In the cold north, keep tropical fish to prepare several electric heater in advance, in September or so will begin to use, the northeast region may begin to use in August.

1, generally each fish tank should be prepared two electric heater to prevent a certain damage, the other can continue to work. Sometimes the heater will be quietly broken, if you do not pay attention, it is possible to make the tropical fish in the overnight annihilated, so but also often check.

2, electric heater before entering the water, if the power in the air, will soon heat up, careless, it will damage the heater (high temperature is a direct burst), and may burn the skin.

3, the newly bought heater to observe the ground in order to adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature, often use the adjustment knob to observe the water temperature, the performance of the heater will be gradually familiar with, you can set the temperature in one step in their own want Of the temperature.

4, the placement of the heater. Generally put the heater placed in the outlet or the water inlet and other parts of the water, so as to ensure that the whole cylinder of water are heated.

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