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Thermal Conductivity Of Electric Heater In Detail
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Heat conduction oil heater, also known as thermal oil furnace, organic heat carrier or heat medium oil, as the intermediate heat transfer medium in the industrial heat transfer process has been more than 50 years of history, this product is based on the use of thermal oil as a carrier oil pump Forced liquid circulation, the heat transfer to the heat equipment, and then return to the reheating of the special industrial furnace. Heat conduction oil heater is a heat transfer medium for the heating medium of the new special boilers. With low pressure and high temperature characteristics. With the development of industrial production and technological progress, thermal oil heater has been continuously developed and applied. Heat conduction oil heater is a new type, safe, energy efficient, low pressure (atmospheric pressure or lower pressure) and can provide high temperature heat of the special industrial furnace, is the heat transfer oil as a heat carrier, heat pump through the heat carrier cycle, Pass heat to heat equipment.

The principle of heat transfer is the heat generated by the heating element is immersed in the heating element and transmission, to heat the oil as the medium, the use of circulating pump, forced thermal oil for liquid circulation, the heat transfer to one or more with Heat equipment, after unloading with the heat equipment, re-through the circulating pump, back to the heater, and then absorb the heat, passed to the heat equipment, from the beginning and forth, to achieve continuous heat transfer, so that the heated object temperature, to heat Industrial requirements.

Thermal conductivity of electric heater product features mainly reflected in the following convenience:

1, thermal oil heater thermal stability: thermal oil furnace can be in the normal pressure liquid phase, for the heat output of up to 320 ℃ hot oil;

2, thermal heater equipment investment: due to the heating oil heating system is simple, no water treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment, the boiler to withstand low pressure, so the whole system investment less;

3, thermal heater reliable: a complete operation control and safety testing device, you can precisely control the work of explosion, explosion-proof grade up to C level, so its more secure.

4, with low pressure, high temperature, energy efficient features.

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