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The Role And Maintenance Of Automobile Intercooler
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

There is a considerable number of people in the election when the car will take the "T" car, that is, turbocharged engine models, turbocharged engine ventilation efficiency than the average natural intake of the engine higher, so there is a greater power. When the air into the turbocharged its temperature will be significantly increased, the density is correspondingly smaller, and the intercooler is to play the role of cooling air, high temperature air through the intercooler cooling, and then into the engine. If the lack of intercooler and let the pressurized high-temperature air directly into the engine, the air temperature is too high lead to engine knock or even damage the phenomenon of flame.

The intercooler is usually only visible in the car with the supercharger installed. Because the intercooler is actually a turbocharged kit, its role is to reduce the high temperature air temperature after pressurization to reduce the engine heat load, increase the intake air volume, thereby increasing the engine power.

The intercooler is typically made of aluminum alloy. According to the different cooling medium, the common intercooler can be divided into two kinds of air-cooled and water-cooled.

The principle of air cooling and our home refrigerator, air conditioning radiator is the same, is to let the air through a root pipe, increase the contact area of the pipeline and the surrounding air, and then through the surrounding air to cool it. An air cooler on the top of the engine.

Water cooling is just the opposite of air cooling. Is to put a cooler into the intake pipe, so that after the pressurized hot air flow. While the cooler in the cooling water is constantly flowing, thus taking the pressurized air heat.

The intercooler is installed in front of the engine and is cooled by the suction fan and the air passing through the car. If the cooler is poorly cooled, the engine power is insufficient and the fuel consumption is increased. Therefore, the intercooler should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

External cleaning: As the intercooler installed in the front, the intercooler heat sink channel is often sludge (steering oil tank overflow hydraulic oil) and other clogging, so that the intercooler heat dissipation should therefore be cleaned regularly. Wash the method with a pressure is not too high water gun to the vertical plane in the plane of the angle, from top to bottom or from bottom to bottom slowly washed, but never oblique to prevent damage to the intercooler. If there is oil outside the intercooler, you can use alkaline water to clean up. Chinese car network school warm reminder: clean up the cooler must wait until completely dry or dry after the installation.

Internal cleaning: the interior of the intercooler is usually attached to the slime and so on, and therefore also need cleaning and maintenance, usually once a year cleaning, or repair the engine or water tank when cleaning. The cleaning method is to rinse with alkaline water on it.

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