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The Protection Of Auto Radiator
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Recuperate, everything is heavy in the maintenance, Auto Radiator also need to pay attention to the protection and maintenance, small part here to introduce the Auto Radiator protection:

1, the Auto Radiator should use clean softened water, forbid the silt enters the water pipe to cause the blockage. Winter use must be filled with aluminum radiator qualified antifreeze, after use should be finished, in order to prevent the water leakage caused by frost crack.

2, in the hot state Open the water tank cover, should be slow to loosen it, until the steam all discharged and then unloaded.

3, the Auto Radiator installation should not be damaged loose tropical and touch the heat pipe, should be firmly installed in the appropriate position, the wind shroud should ensure the correct placement.

4, in order to prevent the automotive radiator parts corrosion, and fully ensure the normal service life, the radiator should not be in contact with all acid-base substances. It is strictly forbidden to grease oil, soil sticky on the radiator to affect the heat dissipation performance.

We are auto radiator manufacturing enterprises, we have a good corporate reputation, first-class quality, dedicated service, has achieved good results. In the domestic industry enjoy a high degree of credibility, the broad masses of customers praise and support. Here's how to clean the Auto Radiator cooling system:

First, make sure the engine is cooling and flameout. Remove the radiator cover to ensure that the engine is cool; open the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator and let the coolant flow into the bucket; close the drain plug and water the radiator; turn on the engine, turn on the heater control system (this will open the heater control valve), add the cooling system cleaner, idling the engine for 30 minutes, turn off the engine cooling for 5 minutes, and drain the liquid in the radiator; Pour water into the radiator and leave the engine idling for 5 minutes. Then refill the compound of 50/50 water and glycol antifreeze/coolant (use the coolant used in the car).

The above is a small series for you to introduce how to clean the Auto Radiator cooling system, our company has been in good faith, innovation, unity of business philosophy for consumer Services, has won the praise of consumers!

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