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The Main Point Of Assembly Of The Bearing Heater
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

The bearing heater and the gear heater are all one of the induction heaters and are suitable for heating and assembling various types of heat sinks. The bearing heater is the secondary short circuit using the transformer (where the bearing itself is the secondary short-circuit coil) is that a large short-circuit current causes the bearing to heat. Below, a brief description of the assembly under the bearing heater points.

1) Before assembly, check the inclusion and tolerance of the containment, the chamfer and the fillet radius, the taper and the length of the guide.

2) press fit with surface roughness must meet the requirements. Press the oil before applying pressure to avoid abrasions.

3) press-fit process to maintain a continuous, not declared too fast, the general press into the speed of 2-4mm / min.

4) When assembling, keep the center of the shaft hole consistent and not tilt. Thin-walled or mating surfaces with longer joints, preferably vertically fitted.

5) hot parts to be uniform heating. Heating temperature generally should not exceed 320 ℃, quenching parts do not exceed 250 ℃. Assembly can be used when the frequency of the heater, the market bearing heater can be equipped with larger parts, gear heater can be equipped with smaller wall thickness of the larger parts of the rapid assembly.

6) Do not miss the pre-installed parts such as: retaining ring, side cover, seal and so on.

7) the end of the package will be wrapped within the hole will have a certain shrink. When the size of the hole is strictly required, the amount of shrinkage or rework shall be reserved in advance.

What is the working principle of the bearing heater? Changzhou champion electrical appliances on the bearing heater working principle analysis, let you know how the bearing heater is working. The following are the same as the "

The bearing heater uses the metal to generate eddy currents in the alternating magnetic field to cause the bearing itself to heat. The principle is that when the thicker metal is in the alternating magnetic field generated by the bearing heater, the current will be generated due to the electromagnetic induction, while the thicker metal It should bearing the heating machine to generate current, the current will form a spiral inside the bearing flow path, the current flow of heat generated by the metal itself is absorbed, will lead to bearing heating up quickly to meet the requirements of the interference assembly.

General bearings in the heater when the easy to produce magnetic, the best choice of heating + demagnetization of the bearing heat jacket machine. Bearing heater demagnetization is the use of electromagnetic principle, the use of 380V / 50HZ AC power in the coil produce positive and negative Magnetic field, so as to achieve the effect of demagnetization. Difference with other assembly bearing interference assembly, many bearings are damaged during the installation process, improper heating method is one of the important reasons.If the use of welding tools heating, will cause bearing deformation; The use of fire heating, the bearing on both sides of the heat is not uniform; the use of oil bath heating, because the oil is clean and make the bearing pollution, noise increases; the use of oven heating, too time.As for the beat installation, bearing more vulnerable.

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