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Technical Parameters Of Air - Tightness Test Device For Auto Radiator
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Auto Radiator is one of my company's main products, our company to professional technology to create high-quality products, by the majority of customers trust. The following describes the Auto Radiator air tightness test device technical parameters:

1. Test medium: air

2. Test pressure: 0-6Mpa (can be adjusted)

3. Pressure control accuracy: ± 0.5% FS

4. Pressure control mode: can be divided stage, different boost rate control boost.

5. Test station: 1 or more.

6. According to customer needs to choose to configure the computer data acquisition and control system.

7. Display the pressure curve in real time, print the test report, save the pressure data, save the excel form.

Recuperate, all things are in the maintenance, Auto Radiator also need to pay attention to the protection and maintenance, Xiao Bian here to introduce the Auto Radiator protection

1, the Auto Radiator should use clean softened water, is strictly prohibited into the water pipe caused by clogging. Winter use must be filled with aluminum radiator qualified antifreeze, after use should be put off the water to prevent water leakage caused by water.

2, in the hot state to open the tank cover, it should be slowly loose, until the steam all discharged and then removed.

3, the Auto Radiator installation shall not damage the radiator and bruises heat pipe, should be firmly installed in the appropriate location, the windshield should ensure that the correct placement.

4, in order to prevent the Auto Radiator parts of the corrosion, and fully guarantee the normal life, the radiator must not contact with all acid and alkali substances.Forbidden oil, dirt stick on the radiator affect the cooling performance.

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