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Several Factors Affecting The Quality Of Aluminum Radiator
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Radiator aluminum in a variety of electronic products and mechanical equipment cooling system in an important position, its quality is related to the cooling effect of equipment. Previously, we released an article on the quality of aluminum radiator identification (click here to go), and now a professional aluminum manufacturer Hing Fat Aluminum let everyone simply understand the impact of aluminum radiator quality of several factors.

1, the importance of raw material quality

For high quality aluminum profiles, the quality of aluminum rods directly affect the quality and yield of products, alloying, grain, refined, homogenized high-quality ingots can reduce the loss of mold; improve the effective Production time, thereby increasing the extrusion speed to achieve maximum production, to achieve the strength of large quantities of supply.

2, advanced equipment

"The purpose of doing things, we must first of its profits," with high-quality raw materials, the next need to have advanced equipment, to improve the quality of extrusion products and production volume, advanced equipment, modern scientific management Plays a vital role.

3, mold development

Professional mold design, timely nitriding to improve the mold work with the hardness and finish, reduce the number of mold change, reduce the ergonomic time, improve product quality to reduce the rejection rate is also an important means. 4, mature technology and professional testing team

In the process of extrusion of aluminum, mature production technology is equally important, like an experienced craftsman, the experience is the daughter does not change! Not only know how to deal with emergency situations, but also familiar with the understanding of the machine operation, production processes, followed by the testing team is equally important, good aluminum manufacturers generally have a sound quality testing team, which is the quality of each factory aluminum protection The

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