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Inspection And Maintenance Method Of Auto Radiator
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Company Secretary since its inception has always been committed to high-quality Auto Radiator research and production, has been for the community to supply a large number of Auto Radiator products. Here to introduce the Auto Radiator inspection and maintenance methods:

Inspection of Auto Radiator Leakage. Check the car engine, the radiator will be filled with water, cover the radiator cover, with a rubber ball and hydraulic pressure table tester to check. With a hose to the tester and the radiator switch connected to open the water switch, pinch the rubber ball to cheer, when the radiator cap steam pipe began to discourage, the pressure gauge reading should be between 27 ~ 37KPa changes, indicating that the radiator Cover valve performance is good. And then turn off the drain switch will test the hose connected to the steam pipe after the pinch the ball to cheer, when the pressure gauge pressure of 50KPa to stop breathing, such as the pressure can be kept stable and good sealing, such as the pressure is quickly reduced , Should check the leak site and repair.

Repair of Water Heater for Auto Radiator. Most of the water leakage in the upper and lower water chamber and the core joints, can be used to repair solder. Such as water pipe leakage, repair process is very complicated. Such as individual pipe water leakage can be used to repair the pipe, the leak on the mouth, the next port blocked, but the number of blocked no more than three. Such as the majority of pipe leaking, generally take the replacement method.

Repair of Radiator Radiator Deformation. Heat sink deformation will reduce the air flow, so that cooling capacity, the engine is easy to overheat. Repair methods, generally with a pointed nose pliers, the deformation of the heat sink repair.

The long-term use of the hood of the car engine radiator will be aging, easy to rupture, the water is easy to enter the Auto Radiator, the hose ruptured during the driving process, splashing out of the high temperature water will form a large group of water vapor from the engine cover , The occurrence of such a phenomenon, should immediately choose a safe place to stop, and then take emergency measures to solve. The following describes the emergency measures in this case:

Under normal circumstances, the radiator water, the hose joints at the most likely to produce cracks and leakage, then you can use scissors to cut off the damaged parts, and then re-plug the hose into the radiator inlet connector, and with a clip or Wire clamped If the gap in the middle of the hose, you can use glue tape wrapped around the gap, before wringing the hose wipe clean, and other parts of the water after the dry, the tape wrapped in the hose leak, because the engine work hose Pressure is high, so try to wrap the tape. If there is no tape on hand, you can also wrap the plastic paper on the gap, and then cut the old cloth into a strip wrapped around the hose. Sometimes the hose gap is large, after the banding may still leak, then the water tank cover can be opened to reduce the pressure inside the waterway to reduce leakage.

Take the above measures, the engine speed can not be too fast, to try to hang high-end travel, driving also pay attention to the water temperature of the pointer position and found that the water temperature is too high to stop cooling or cooling water. My company full service to customers, to high quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service and customers to forge ahead and common development.

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