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How To Properly Handle The Aluminum Radiator
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Aluminum Radiator processing needs to be guided by professional and technical personnel, the company has a group of experienced staff, we introduce you to the heat sink aluminum.

production processī¸° 

The first film can not be directly posted on the chrome layer, or will affect the adhesion of the film; Second, the film has been posted Hou timely spray can not stop for a long time, or easily lead to the release of the film, serious stone again Is the tearing stone control leveling time, can not release the film Hou immediately tear film this will bring some impact on product quality; Finally, the two species color spray order to be determined according to the specific circumstances, taking into account the two curing, And consider to cover the effect.

Film material:

First, the choice of membrane material, according to the requirements of the heat sink, surface treatment of aluminum products, select the appropriate foil, film is considering the impact of aluminum surface quality.

Film Quality Control:

Aluminum Radiator quality control aluminum foil quality is very important if the post is bad will lead to difficult to spray, the film's small tension, the degree of compaction control; for the complex shape of the parts separate foil, aluminum foil inspection, post-release paste is aluminum foil. Otherwise it will be the problem of spraying. The impact of spray quality.

The company's aluminum products by professional and technical personnel strict checks and have a professional production equipment, quality assurance issues, customers can safely buy our products.

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