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How To Maintain A Good Auto Radiator
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

2, the Auto Radiator if the use of hard water, it is best to be softened before use, to avoid blocking the radiator because of scale.

3, the normal work of the car can not be separated from antifreeze, one has the role of cooling; the second is to avoid corrosion of the radiator. But in the purchase of antifreeze must be selected in line with national standards of anti-rust antifreeze.

4, when installing the Auto Radiator, be careful not to damage the cooling belt, to ensure the cooling capacity and sealing.

5, the Auto Radiator to completely water and then water, the first to open the engine waterproof switch, release some water off the switch, to avoid the bubble generated.

6, in the process of using the car to always check the water level of the tank, remember to stop cooling after the water. When adding water is to slowly open the tank cover to prevent the steam within the tank burns.

7, in the winter if the long-term parking, it should release the water in the tank, to avoid freezing caused by internal parts of the radiator.

8, in the use of the process, should be 2-3 months to clean the Auto Radiator core, cleaning with water along the reverse side of the wind to the side of the flush.

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