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How Can The Intercooler Be Used In The Automotive Sector?
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

The effect of the intercooler is to reduce the intake air temperature of the engine

The engine exhaust gas temperature is very high, especially through the supercharger heat conduction will increase the intake air temperature. Moreover, the air is compressed during the process, will lead to increased density, but also will effectively lead to the supercharger discharge air temperature increases, with the pressure increases, but the oxygen density will be mainly reduced, thus affecting Effective inflatable efficiency of the engine. If you want to further improve the filling efficiency, it is necessary to reduce the intake air temperature. Data show that in the same air-fuel ratio conditions, the temperature of the pressurized air for each drop 10 ℃, the engine power can be increased by 3% to 5%.

If it is not cooled by the pressurized air into the combustion chamber, not only will affect the engine's fuel efficiency, but also easily lead to engine combustion temperature is too high, causing knocking and other vehicle failure, and will increase the engine exhaust NOx Content, resulting in air pollution. In order to solve the adverse effects caused by the elevated air temperature after pressurization, it is necessary to install an intercooler to reduce the intake air temperature

Reduce engine fuel consumption, and improve adaptability to altitude. In high altitude areas, the use of high pressure ratio of the compressor can be used, which makes the engine get more power to improve the adaptability of the car; to improve the turbulator matching and adaptability

There are some cars are mainly used in the overhead intercooler, through the openings on the engine cover to effectively get the cooling air, so before the start of the car, the intercooler will only be some from the engine compartment blowing hot air blowing, Although the cooling efficiency has been affected, but because the intake air temperature in such circumstances will rise, so the engine fuel consumption will drop a lot, which also indirectly reduces the efficiency of the engine, but for the power of the booster In addition, the biggest advantage of the overhead intercooler layout is that it can effectively shorten the stroke of the compressed gas to reach the engine. In addition, The

This is the relevant description of the intercooler, and we can know that the use of intercooler in the car is very important to a very important position!

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