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Explosion-proof Electric Heater Can Bring Convenience To Your Work
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

The use of the heater, the air heater is a wide range of heater, we popular are called it air heater, in fact, can be divided according to the heating gas can be broken into a variety of types, the common nitrogen heater, hydrogen heater. These can also be called pipe-type gas heater. has been widely used in aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and colleges and universities and many other research and production laboratories. It is especially suitable for automatic control of large-flow high temperature combined system and accessory test. Air heater use a wide range: can be heated to any gas, resulting in hot air drying without moisture, non-conductive, no combustion, no explosion, no chemical corrosion, no pollution, safe and reliable, heating up the space fast (controllable).

Explosion-proof electric heater to mechanical electric heating industry features have the following aspects:

1, can realize the internal high temperature voltage system uninterrupted transmission. To ensure that the internal high temperature voltage system of electric heating equipment uses electric energy to obtain higher temperature. It satisfies the high temperature heating requirement of the medium at work, so that its function is maximized.

2, this kind of equipment has the structure to be precise, the volume is lightsome, the weight is light, the installment process is convenient. When heating the surrounding environment does not cause harm to people, can be relatively low working pressure to obtain a high heating temperature and efficiency.

3, the intelligent standard is high. China Electric Heater Network related technical personnel to its use of advanced intelligent heating work mode, that is, through the gas heater inside the high-temperature voltage medium to set the original temperature, in the experiment, this temperature control accuracy can reach ±2℃~±0.2 ℃ range.

4. The internal high pressure system of this kind of equipment can provide the DCS system with the heater running, high temperature, failure, outage and other alarm signals, can also accept the DCs issued automatic, outage and other operating slogans, and the electric heater system added a reliable and safe monitoring device, but this electric heater price reference is relatively high.

5, electrical equipment has a number of related interfaces, you can at any time on the heat pump, heat conduction oil temperature flow, internal high temperature voltage pressure to effectively monitor. In order to achieve the explosion-proof electric heater more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, more efficient idealized reform.

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