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Die-casting Aluminum Radiator Cost-effective Even Better
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Radiator is also called radiator, is the building heating system in the end product, of course, to meet the reliable, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful requirements, and die-casting aluminum radiator is well equipped with these features.

The high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys is the decisive factor for maintaining good heat dissipation and the ideal medium for thermal energy conversion.

Features are: with less time, heating fast, high efficiency. Light and clever, easy processing is a major feature. Equivalent specifications of the radiator, aluminum alloy weight is the steel radiator 1/3.Aluminum radiator in a variety of radiators is the lightest, easy handling, while its thermal conductivity is good, heat dissipation, heat is also fast, high thermal strength of metal, because it is easy to extrusion, will be squeezed into Various shapes of radiator, so the appearance of new and beautiful, decorative strong. Since aluminum oxide after the formation of alumina is the best protective film, to avoid it further oxidation, so it is not afraid of oxidative corrosion, affordable, very popular with the working class.

Aluminum heat dissipation, heat fast, high efficiency is the biggest feature of aluminum radiator, the appearance of electrostatic spray, beautiful color, good decoration.

The overall evaluation is: comprehensive production does not pollute the environment, do not pollute the water quality. Light weight is one-tenth of cast iron. Beautiful and generous, occupying a small room space, environmental protection and energy conservation. It is in line with China's development of the radiator "light, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving" character requirements.

From the production of radiators in terms of aluminum alloy radiator is the best choice of a choice of materials. Whether it is energy, materials, decoration, price, weight, etc. are dominant. Is copper and aluminum, steel and aluminum, stainless steel and aluminum and aluminum composite products contain aluminum components. The existence of the problem is the combination of several aspects, just from the perspective of bending just as steel, but the heat pipe is definitely less than aluminum heat; from the price point of view, it is a special point; from the anti-corrosion on the steel is Phosphating after the first anti-corrosion, cumbersome process, and aluminum alloy is anti-corrosion or direct anti-corrosion. Therefore, the aluminum alloy made of the radiator in any case, are better than other materials made of radiator.

With aluminum material (including cast aluminum and aluminum alloy) to do the advantages of radiator is the high thermal efficiency, beautiful appearance, do not fumigation wall is not smoked, the disadvantage is afraid of alkali corrosion, requiring heating water PH value can not exceed 8.5. So this kind of radiator in the foreign heating water quality standard heating system is very large. At present, China's advantages and disadvantages of this radiator has been fully aware of, and water quality has also been effectively controlled, especially PH value are between 6-8.5, so the demand for such a radiator in the rapid growth.

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