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Die-cast Aluminum Radiator Is The Most Expensive And Most Popular
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

There are a variety of materials on the market of the radiator, if you personally buy radiator will find the price of aluminum radiator is relatively high. Today, Xiaobian Peter will tell you why the aluminum radiator in the end of the various types of products in the most expensive and most popular.

Aluminum prices

High-quality die-casting aluminum radiator selection of aviation aluminum, as the ideal medium for thermal conversion, the European standard EN46100, the price per ton in more than 14,000 yuan, the cost of some other materials to be higher.

Thermal conductivity

For thermal conductivity, aluminum radiator thermal conductivity of 237w / m.k, high pressure, high thermal strength of metal. Tested by the National Testing Center that its metal heat intensity of 2.27W / Kg ℃, aluminum radiator heat, heat fast, high efficiency, die-casting aluminum unique chimney-like structure of heat, 15 minutes can make indoor Warm and comfortable, which is more users choose to serve as an important factor in the heating end.

Production Process

Die-casting aluminum radiator production process is complex, smelting, die-casting, deburring, test pressure, electrophoresis, spraying and other multiple production process. It is also because of its easy extrusion, will be squeezed into a variety of shapes, so the appearance of new and beautiful, decorative and strong. Also worth mentioning is that die-casting aluminum surface treatment, is the first coated electrophoretic paint, and then spray paint, color rounded, high degree of beauty.

Appearance modeling

As the aluminum radiator first originated in the European market, coupled with a strong artistic influence, high-end, elegant, beautiful, fashion and other elements into the aluminum radiator genes, which is also in today's increasingly diversified market , Which can be more of the pursuit of quality of life favored by the reasons.

Other advantages

Aluminum radiator more light and clever, easy handling, at the same time, the water quality requirements of the system is almost zero, do not need to do full of water maintenance. High-pressure cast aluminum for the principle of chimney cooling, air guide to the room, and the opposite wall, also known as "do not fumch the wall of the radiator." High pressure cast aluminum for the EN46100 aviation aluminum die-casting made of waterway wall thickness of 2.0mm, working pressure ≤ 2.0MPa, the service life of 15 years or so, while its water inside the radiator, heat dissipation exposed, for the second heat, surface temperature At about 50 ℃, it is the most comfortable and safe to pass to you and your family.

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