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Central Air-conditioning Auxiliary Electric Heater Product Function
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

The working principle of electric heater is to use alternating magnetic field, a primary with more turns and less secondary on the same iron core. The input and output voltage ratio equals the ratio of coil turns, while the energy remains unchanged. Therefore, the secondary produces a large current under low voltage conditions. For induction heater, the bearing is a short circuit secondary, with a lower AC voltage under the condition of a large current, resulting in a large amount of heat. The heater itself and the magnetic yoke remain at room temperature. Because the heating method can induce the current, the bearing will be magnetized. It is important to ensure that the bearing is degaussing in the future so that it does not absorb metal particles during operation.

The lower the ambient temperature in winter, the lower the efficiency of air conditioner host, when the ambient temperature is lower than -2℃, because the ambient temperature is far from the standard operating condition, the air conditioner designed according to the standard operating condition can provide much less heat than the standard operating condition. Compressor in the high compression ratio of work, will inevitably lead to the compressor volume efficiency, indicating the efficiency of the decline. In order to improve the operation efficiency and prolong the service life of the unit, it is better to increase the auxiliary heat source equipment, and the electric auxiliary heater is an ideal auxiliary heat source equipment. Auxiliary electric heater after installation and central air-conditioning mainframe integration, use can be achieved with the unit linkage control, just connect the power can automatically complete the control and protection function. Heating the circulating water and raising the water temperature not only ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner, but also improve the thermal efficiency and heat-making effect of the air-conditioning unit. Auxiliary electric heater can make up for the winter unit operation due to the loss of some of the heat, the power consumption can be improved from the air-conditioning unit of the thermal efficiency of some compensation, the total consumption of the increase is not much.

Product characteristics of environmental protection using electric energy as a power, the environment does not produce any pollution. Energy-saving 1, flow direction design reasonable, heating uniformity, no high, low temperature corner, high thermal efficiency. 2, the product inside the tank and the shell filled with high-quality insulation material, improve its insulation effect. 3, high-power auxiliary electric heater using multiple groups of control to start the heating method, not only safe and reliable, but also to achieve energy-saving purposes. Safety 1, the whole product uses the stainless steel structure, has the strong corrosion resistance. 2, the main parts of the heating core used imported materials, its insulation, pressure-resistant, moistureproof performance is superior to national standards, the use of safe and reliable. 3, the product installs the well-known brand thermostat (50 ℃) to control the water temperature, and configures the overheat protector, avoids the component damage. 4, the product of the electrical control box in all the use of Chint brand, has passed CCC certification, enhance security. Convenient 1, the product size is small, occupies the ground less, the movement is convenient, and has carried on the waterproof design. 2, maintenance and maintenance is very convenient, as long as removing the seal end cover, unscrew the stainless steel nut on the flange, you can draw electric heating pipe

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