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Auto Radiator Brief Introduction
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Auto Radiator belongs to the automobile cooling system, the radiator in the engine water-cooling system is composed of the influent chamber, the water outlet chamber, the main piece and the radiator core and so on. The coolant flows through the radiator core and the air is passed outside the radiator core. Hot coolant is cooled by cooling to the air, and cold air is heated by absorbing the heat from the coolant, so the radiator is a heat exchanger 

There are two main types of Auto Radiator: aluminum and copper. Auto Radiator materials and manufacturing technology developed rapidly. Aluminum radiator With its obvious advantages in lightweight materials, in the field of car and light vehicle gradually replace copper radiator, the copper radiator manufacturing technology and technology has developed rapidly, copper brazing radiator in the passenger car, engineering machinery, heavy truck and other engine radiator advantages obvious.

Foreign car matching radiator is mostly aluminum radiator, mainly from the perspective of environmental protection (especially in Europe and the United States). In the European new sedan, the aluminum radiator occupies an average of 64%. From the perspective of the development of Auto Radiator production in China, the aluminum radiator produced by hard brazing is increasing gradually. Brazing Copper Radiators are also used on buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.

The welding equipment and process method of the copper and aluminum radiator of Auto Radiator are different, and the structure strength of the products is very varied. Aluminum radiator welding for hard brazing, welding temperature of 577-612 Shan, and copper radiator using a soft brazing, welding temperature of less than 450 Shan. The shear strength of the welded joint of the aluminum radiator is 50-58mpa, the tensile strength is 86-96mpa, and the tensile strength of the copper radiator is 34-37mpa, so the structure strength of the aluminum radiator is much higher than that of the copper radiator. Taking into account the difficult maintenance of aluminum radiator, manufacturers in material selection must take into account the reliability and service life of the product, therefore, aluminum radiator reliability is far higher than the copper radiator, the purpose is to minimize the use of the entire vehicle users maintenance costs. On the other hand, aluminum radiator in the anti-corrosion performance of the fact that there is less than the copper radiator, require customers to the automotive aluminum radiator use conditions more stringent than the copper radiator. The main customers must use the entire vehicle manufacturers to provide antifreeze rust-proof liquid. Cannot use other media such as: water. In short, aluminum radiator and copper radiator in the same condition, aluminum radiator no fault mileage is much higher than copper radiator.

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