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Aluminum Radiator Strengths
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

The current sale of the main shopping malls by the iron radiator, aluminum radiator, three kinds of steel radiator.

1, cast iron radiator

Cast iron radiator because of its low pressure, bulky, rough shape, high energy consumption can not overcome many of the wind can not be overcome, will gradually be screen screening.

2, steel radiator

The current steel radiator according to the style of the main plate and column two. Especially the steel column radiator, which is a steel pillar radiator, with its rich colors and beautiful appearance to win a lot of consumers like.

Buy steel radiator to voice is not with the district heating system matching, the choice of open heating system heating consumers to carefully use steel radiator, because the steel radiator oxygen prone to oxidative corrosion on the open boiler And oxygen content in the water there is a strict demand, are required in the heating service in the main system full of water conservation, if the conservation is not good, the radiator will soon make up the corrosion caused by the final radiator leakage of doubt.

3, aluminum radiator

Aluminum radiator mainly high-pressure cast aluminum and tensile aluminum alloy welding two. Its strengths are:

① aluminum heat dissipation is better, energy-saving features are very significant, in the same room, if the same standard radiator, aluminum cast the number of pieces less than steel

② aluminum oxidation resistance and good performance, without adding any additives, the principle is that once the aluminum encountered in the air oxygen, private letter to generate a layer of oxide film, this layer is tough and delicate, to prevent further on the body of the information corrosion.

Selection of aluminum radiator, the best selection of high-pressure cast aluminum module modular radiator. This kind of radiator is a whole die-casting molding, and therefore no weld leakage question. And its greatest strength is the product is not subject to residential heating system constraints, even in the open boiler system can not be subject to oxygen corrosion because the choice of modular modular planning, through a heating season, if the room temperature is not found, but also Can be installed in the second year, one or two to meet the needs of their own, rather than the needs of the radiator like the whole group of heating are replaced.

In addition, because the aluminum radiator on the water quality requirements and steel is not the same, so should prevent the aluminum radiator and other data mixing device.

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