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Aluminum Radiator Corrosion Problems
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

01.In order to solve the corrosion problem of aluminum radiator, there are two kinds of methods that started to emerge in 1999: one is passive anticorrosive, that is, coating on the water-passing cavity, chemical nickel phosphorus, or plastic spraying, among which the most economical ones are economical Anti-corrosion coating. The use of 10 years into the proof of corrosion within the coating is not 100% reliable, can not fundamentally solve the problem. As one of the industry's experts, Dr. said: the paint is anticurpassed in the move is to engage in more than do not engage in strong points, but do not engage in the missing problems, engage in no problem. This is incisive analysis of the words, in fact, anti-corrosion paint is misleading, did not grasp the key issues, thankless, distracted people regulate water quality and operation and management efforts.

02.The other is active corrosion, that is, regulate the water quality or corrosion-resistant materials. In 1999, China first introduced the copper-aluminum composite radiator of copper waterways, and soon it became one of the best-selling radiators. The corrosion resistance of copper is usually 25 times that of steel, so its service life is long. In order to reduce costs, have appeared steel and aluminum, stainless steel aluminum composite radiator, can effectively improve the anti-corrosion ability. December 15, 2004, Beijing took the lead in the implementation of local standards DBJ01-419-2004 "heating and heating system water quality and anti-corrosion technical regulations" in the industry opened a good head. National standards for heating system water quality standards are being developed. It will fundamentally solve the problem of active corrosion of aluminum radiator.

Whether it is anti-corrosion coating or the use of composite aluminum radiator, are transitional. When regulating heating and water quality and operation and management, they all lose the value of existence.

03.In recent years, a large number of Zhejiang-based suppression of aluminum radiator, is the synthesis of the first two stages to continue. Is the formation of local economic development, most of them are exported, becoming China's second export radiator following the export of aluminum radiator lag products. This is a good thing that will improve our radiator product mix.

Some people say that the alkaline water quality of the current heating system is one of the "original sin" that affects the aluminum radiator, which is not proper, unscientific, and not objective. The fatal weakness of the aluminum radiator is the most afraid of alkaline water corrosion, which is due to its metallic nature, in the theoretical chemistry class have learned to learn, do not forget it? Positioning it for the development of aluminum radiator "sin"! The shortcomings of its application of any shortcoming of its material, the aluminum radiator is definitely the conditions of use: only applies to PH = 5-8 neutral hot nickel water. Seize this fundamental point, we can handle a variety of situations: most of the northern boiler water supply, PH = 10-12, can not be used, the two pairs of heat exchange after the water supply PH = 5-8, Available; Independent heating system using gas boiler in South and North, neutral water PH = 5-8, available. For hot water over this range, use only copper, stainless steel or steel and composite aluminum heat sinks, aluminum heatsinks with corrosion within the coating are also available, but not insured.

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