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Aluminum Radiator Compared With Other Advantages
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

China's heating radiator industry along with the Chinese market economy environment changes and development, the overall situation of the industry in recent stages of development stabilized, the industry economy continued steady and rapid growth, the current period has begun to take shape. Heat sink products on the market are also varied, uneven, each has its own merits. One aluminum radiator led, received the majority of users like it.

Heating Radiator Cooling When the higher temperature heat medium flows through the heating radiator, the heat carried by the heating medium is continuously transmitted to the lower temperature objects by the heating radiators so that the temperature difference of the heat energy can be transmitted. Has the ability to withstand the heat transfer medium pressure system, have good heat transfer and cooling capacity, can be installed indoors and have the necessary conditions such as life. In the case of

Copper radiator. Copper has the general strength of metal; at the same time it is not easy to crack, not easy to break; and has some resistance to frost heaving and impact resistance, not easy to be corroded. Due to the strong corrosion resistance of copper fittings, no impurities will dissolve into the water and keep the water clean and hygienic. Therefore, the heating system in the building brass heating to use safe, even without the need for maintenance and repair. Copper tubes and fittings retain their shape and strength at high temperatures without long term aging. In the heat, high pressure, near fire and corrosion conditions, the use of other pipe fittings, the user is always scared, fear of an accident. However, the use of copper pipe, you do not need to be scared, do not worry. Never corrode, durable. In the case of

Aluminum radiator. Aluminum heat sink is not suitable for alkaline water Alkali and water alkali reaction, alkaline corrosion, resulting in aluminum perforation, radiator leakage. Aluminum radiator simple shape, decorative poor, are low-grade radiator. Compared with the steel radiator, aluminum radiator due to differences in raw materials and manufacturing processes, so the price is lower; heat fast, light weight; aluminum radiator shortcomings: alkaline water will have alkaline corrosion.

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