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Air Heater Energy Saving Measures
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Air heater use when the power consumption is also huge, in order to reduce this huge expenditure, how to save energy is the most important issue, then there are several ways below.

1. Reasonable to design the air volume and temperature rise. Air electric heater power is calculated based on air volume and temperature to determine, air volume, temperature rise has been to meet the needs of the premise, should not be used too large air volume and excessive temperature rise due to excessive air volume, temperature rise , Will directly lead to the heater power is too large, increase energy consumption. Too much air volume and temperature rise is not necessary. To be considered, rational design, determine the appropriate parameters.

2. Air heater surface, should be added insulation. Most power plants (owners) use air-to-air heaters only to insulate the electric heater outlet pipe first and not to heat the surface of the electric heater itself. The comparative data shows that adding a layer of thermal insulation layer on the surface of the electric heater can reduce the energy consumption by 5% -10%. The long-term operation and the saved energy consumption will be very considerable. The power plant (owner) should add thermal insulation to the pipeline Layers at the same time, the installation of electric air heater insulation layer.

3. Reduce the air pressure of the electric heater itself. Need to heat the air flowing through the air inside the electric heater, to produce pressure loss. The greater the pressure loss, the greater the energy consumption of the fan should be from the structure of the electric air heater itself to improve and innovate, so that the resulting pressure loss is minimal.

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