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Design of the heating system.
Jiangsu Guokai Autoparts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 01, 2015

One form of resistance heating

1. the resistance wire heating element embedded in mould heating plate or the electric heating coil to heat the mold made in different shapes, according to mould volume change heating element power, installation number and input voltage to adjust the heating rate and temperature, the heating plate is easy, the service life is long.

2. the resistance wire directly inside the mould heating plate to heat the mold, this way because of the resistance wire in direct contact with air, easily oxidized, thus not long service life, and may not be safe, use less.

3. the electrical bar generally within General Electric hot plate, usually for thermosetting plastic mould heating.

II. The basic requirements for resistance heating

1. proper rational arrangement of the heating element to ensure heat element heating power, such as insufficient power heating element, mold temperatures are not reached, such as the heating element's power is too high, it will make the mold heats up too fast, leading to local overheating.

2. for large mould heating plates should be installed two sets of temperature control instrument, used to control and regulate temperature central and marginal parts of the electric Panel.

3. Central and marginal parts of the heating plates with different power heating elements, respectively, General in the mold of the central parts of heating elements are slightly smaller, slightly larger edge heating element power.

4. strengthen the mold insulation measures to reduce the loss of heat conduction and thermal radiation, usually between mould and press the upper and lower plate and mold around asbestos insulation network, thickness of 4-6mm.

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